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Qwikview Enterprise Discovery was formed in 2012 and provides an independent service for delivering Business Intelligence insight to small, medium and large concerns


At the heart of every Qwikview Enterprise Discovery (QED) business intelligence app lies the Qlik (https://www.qlik.com/en-gb)  enterprise discovery engine



QED apps offer a window into what lies at the very core of your business in an intuitive, visual, 'simple to use' and readily understandable approach



In-memory technology gives fast, dynamic reporting...... there are no delays; users are able to drill straight into the very core data to transactional level if required. Get to the root of what's happening in your business, allowing instant decision-making, 'live'


Qlik also allows remote collaboration; all the external user needs is access to the internet and a browser


QED apps often become the reporting 'glue' which links financial with non-financial reporting across contrasting hardware and software platforms and diverse business units. Often it is easier to get your day-to-day information using QED products, rather than your Accounting suite


Reporting is fully customisable; use Excel to define standard report formats for P&L, etc



These are game-changing products, making your business faster than the competition



Can you afford to be uninformed?